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Little Tots is for boys and girls ages 14 months – 3 years and is specifically designed to enhance your child’s motor, listening, safety, and social skills, through fun gymnastics oriented activities. One adult will actively participate with the child during each 45 minute class.


With the assistance and reinforcement of their adult, students will learn basic gymnastics terminology and body positions. Students will enjoy trampoline time, one of the best tools to develop leg strength and air and body awareness. Students love to play in the in-ground foam pit with Mom or Dad! Creativity abounds during pit time and is a great bonding experience for you and your child as well as a core strength developer. Gymnastics education continues with our large tumbling circuit on the floor. Students will learn the developmental stages of safe, proper tumbling as their adult guides them around the circuit with instruction from your teacher. 


Developing neurological pathways at an early age has proven to be advantageous as children develop physically as well as mentally, and Best Little Tots is designed to enhance this vitally important early development stage. You can track your child’s progress as he or she moves through the program curriculum with weekly parent record reports sent home at the end of each class.

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